Andrew Ervin

How Videogames Transformed Our World – Ep 17 with Andrew Ervin

Andrew Ervin is the author of the novels Burning Down George Orwell’s House and Extraordinary Renditions. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, and many other places. He lives in Philadelphia and teaches at Temple University

In Bit by Bit, a blend of history, memoir, and reportage, Andrew Ervin sets out to understand the explosive popularity of this often maligned cultural form. He travels to government laboratories, junk shops, and art museums. He scientists and hobbyists, critics and game makers. He installs a full-sized and obscenely loud Donkey Kong arcade cabinet in his basement, and plays enough Minecraft to suffer from “Minecraft syndrome,” the effect of seeing objects in real life as poorly rendered blocks.

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Jon Ramer

The Beauty of Space – Ep 16 with Jon Ramer

Jon Ramer is a space artist, writer, President of the International Association of Astronomical Artists, Fellow IAAA member, retired military officer, avid photographer and world traveller.

IAAA/Jon Ramer’s Patreon page for the new book, Our Alien Earth.

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