How To Be A Stoic – Ep 13 with Massimo Pigliucci

Massimo is a philosopher of science and evolutionary biologist at the City College of New York. He holds PhDs in genetics, evolutionary biology, and philosophy. His areas of research include the nature of evolutionary theory and the phenomenon of pseudoscience. He has written for many outlets, including the New York Times, and has written or edited ten books. He blogs at and

Jon talks with Massimo about his book, How to Be a Stoic: Using Ancient Philosophy To Live A Modern Life.

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Piccolo, An Artist’s Tale – Ep 12 with Eileen Merwin

Eileen Merwin has been fortunate to write and publish fables and other assorted forms of offbeat fiction for both children and adults. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College– and has been published in acclaimed children’s magazines Cricket and Spider, as well as having received the Vermont Playwrights Award and honorariums from Highlights and TADA Youth Theater in New York City.

Currently she writes for Bearport Publishers in New York City and teaches literature & writing at ASA College in the heart of Herald Square where she credits her students with a constant stream of inspiration and encouragement.

Piccolo: an Artist’s Tale, a novella, is the author’s third work of fiction published by Braiswick of Felixstowe, England. Eileen credits Trevor Lockwood, now retired editor in chief, for sustaining her as a writer with his good-natured sarcasm and sometimes searing wit.

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