Cecilia Galante

Our Past and Our Futures – Ep 7 with Cecilia Galante

Cecilia Galante is the author of three middle grade novels, three young-adult novels, an 8-book chapter book series, and two adult novels. Her first book, The Patron Saint of Butterflies, published in 2008, was the recipient of numerous awards, including an Original Voices Award by Borders, an Oprah Pick for Teens, and a Best Book of the Year by the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association. Her first adult novel, The Invisibles, published by Harper Collins, was released last summer to rave reviews in USA Today and Forbes Magazine. Her second adult novel, The Odds of Me and You, also with Harper Collins, will be published in February, 2017. Cecilia teaches eighth grade English at Wyoming Seminary’s Lower School, is a member of the faculty at Wilkes University’s Creative Writing Department, and has three children.

In this episode, Jon interviews Cecilia about her book The Patron Saint of Butterflies.

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Cuban science fiction – Ep 6 with YOSS

Born José Miguel Sánchez Gómez, YOSS assumed his pen name in 1988, when he won the Premio David in the science fiction category for Timshel. Together with his peculiar pseudonym, the author’s aesthetic of an impenitent rocker has allowed him to stand out amongst his fellow Cuban writers. Earning a degree in Biology in 1991, he went on to graduate from the first ever course on Narrative Techniques at the Onelio Jorge Cardoso Center of Literary Training, in the year 1999. Today, Yoss writes both realistic and science fiction works. Alongside these novels, the author produces essays, reviews, and compilations, and actively promotes the Cuban science fiction literary workshops, Espiral and Espacio Abierto.

In this episode, Jon interviews YOSS about his newest book, Super Extra Grande.

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